Good Posture

Written by Josh Dodes
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If you consider good posture to be a matter largely relevant to debutantes and finishing school students, you are not alone. Unfortunately, you are also wrong. As shocking as it may seem, for the first time, in recent years, proper posture has become a health concern of significant proportions.

The reason, surprisingly enough, is computers. Ironically, our quest for an increasingly computer-intensive workplace has actually become too successful. That's because, while even yesterday's most deskbound workers were accustomed to the occasional break of needing to walk down the hall, today's workers can productively spend hours on end without ever leaving their computers at all.

Good Posture Is the Key

While sitting at a computer and typing all day may not seem particularly grueling work, the cumulative tension and pressure that these activities place on our joints and muscles can be devastating over time. Without proper attention to posture and computer ergonomics, anyone can quickly find themselves on the long road to chronic or recurring pain. Worst of all, because the day-to-day pressure is relatively unnoticeable, many people are unaware that they are causing themselves this damage until it is too late.

Take the time to educate yourself about this newly critical matter, and you will ensure that such a fate will not befall you. Because today, good posture is not about a walk with books stacked on your head. It is about a future free from completely avoidable tension and pain.

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