Written by Tara Peris
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Moist heat is a great way to relieve common ailments, and hydrocollator units provide you with the moist heat your patients need. Whether a patient suffers from arthritis or muscle aches, you can treat their pain simply and easily with pads or wraps warmed by a hydrocollator. They can be purchased in various sizes to suit any size of office or practice.

What to Look for in a Hydrocollator

Hydrocollators have superior temperature control, so you can always be assured that the moist pads or cloths you apply to your patients will not burn or scorch them, or, by contrast, lack the heat necessary to relieve their pain. If you run a small practice and don't have much available space, you can purchase a desktop-sized hydrocollator that will also fit on a mobile stand. You may not be able to heat oversized hot packs in these smaller units, so pay careful attention to your needs when ordering.

Hydrocollators are stainless steel, which means they won't tarnish or rust. They also require no special plumbing, which is excelling for those who may be recently set up a practice in an older building, or those who run a mobile practice. They have been tested for safety and are guaranteed to produce temperature-consistent hot packs.

Look for a hydrocollator with fiberglass insulation--it will give you increased energy efficiency. Most units operate on a simple fill-and-drain premise, meaning you won't need re-do the plumbing. Units should run silently, so as not to disturb staff or patients in the room. Depending on your patient roster, you may want a hydrocollator that is designed specifically for the smaller clinic or department, or your needs may lead you to a larger mobile heating unit with an extra-large tank.

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