Leg Pain

Written by Norene Anderson
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Leg pain can be the result of a wide range of medical conditions. The first determination must be if the pain is in the muscle, ligament, circulatory system, or one of the joints (ankle, knee, hip). Sometimes it is hard to determine if the leg hurts because of the hip or if the hip hurts because of the leg. A complete evaluation and examination by a healthcare professional is required to determine the course of treatment.

Over-exertion is one of the most common causes for leg pain. It is easy to forget that you are not in the physical condition to work in the garden or flowers as soon as the first warm day appears. Afterwards, you are in severe pain and have a hard time even standing up. Daily strengthening exercises are necessary to avoid the usual warm weather pains.

Determine the Cause of Leg Pain

Previous hip or knee injuries will cause leg pain if they are not treated properly. It is easy to shift your weight from one leg to another in favor of the one that has been affected. This puts undue stress on the good leg. The result will be pain in the muscles and joints from the foot to the hip. Recovery from this type of strain requires concentrated effort to balance properly and equally distribute your weight.

If you have sudden pain in your calf and it is warm to the touch, you may be experiencing a blood clot. Particularly, if the leg appears swollen and red, you should call your healthcare provider immediately, call 911, or go to the nearest emergency room. A blood clot can be fatal, but with proper treatment, most will be completely resolved.

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