Lower Back Pain

Written by Norene Anderson
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Lower back pain can often be treated successfully without surgical intervention. There are varying levels of pain. Only a healthcare professional trained in the diagnosis and treatment for disorders of the spine are qualified to determine if and when surgery is the only option.

Much of the lower back pain experienced today is avoidable with preventive care. Exercises to strengthen the abdomen are the best defense against back injury. Weak abdominal muscles allow the bulk of resistance to come from the lower back. Simple things like correct posture and ergonomic practices will greatly reduce the chances of back injury.

Advances in Lower Back Pain Care

There are ongoing studies in many medical specialties to evaluate treatments for lower back pain. Chiropractors, neurologists, acupuncturists, massage therapists, and many others are doing research studies looking for the best option to eliminate or control back pain. The common goal is to find what works best with the least amount of invasive treatment.

More than $50 billion is spent annually on seeking relief from pain in the lower back. This type of pain is responsible for more job-related injury claims than any other. Sports injuries are another leading cause for back pain. All pain should be evaluated by a healthcare professional if it persists for more than a few days. Immediate attention is required if there is loss of bladder or bowel control.

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