Middle Back Pain

Written by Norene Anderson
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Middle back pain can be the result of many causes, such as back injuries, spinal conditions, and internal conditions. In each of these areas, the treatment will vary. It is important to have an accurate diagnosis before treating the pain.

Back injuries are often a result of strained ligaments or muscles. This can happen by lifting something too heavy. It can also happen with something that is not too heavy if you lift it the wrong way. Repetitive lifting can result in overtaxing the muscles and can cause pain.

More Causes for Middle Back Pain

Spinal conditions such as arthritis and scoliosis are responsible for pain in millions of people. Arthritis of the spine can occur at any level. Inflammation around the joints in the spine puts increased pressure on the nerves resulting in intense pain. Scoliosis can progress to the point of literally crushing some discs as it pulls to one side or the other.

Internal conditions account for a large number of people experiencing middle back pain. Pregnancy is one condition that almost always causes distress. The extra weight pulling on the abdominal muscles puts intense pressure on the spine. Medical conditions in the gallbladder, pancreas, and kidneys can result in pain through the middle back.

Other internal conditions include heart disease, lung disease, peptic ulcers, and aneurysms. All of these have potentially serious and even fatal consequences if left untreated. Some types of internal cancer will not be suspected until there is enough pain in the back to see a doctor for treatment.

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