Muscle Stim

Written by Tara Peris
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Muscle stim is a form of electrotherapy that stimulates the muscles via electrical current. The procedure relies on electrodes that can be affixed to sore or aching parts of the body in order to reduce pain. It is a highly innovative and effective treatment.

Muscle pain is a source of distress to a good many people. Regardless of a person's age, gender, or level of daily activity, stiff or aching muscles can induce stress and concern. Moreover, they can impinge on enjoyment of routine activities. Sadly, this stress can in turn exacerbate muscle problems, creating a vicious cycle of physical and emotional suffering.

Break the Cycle

The key to success resides with breaking the pain cycle as early as possible. Although there are a number of strategies to assist in this endeavor, electrotherapy is among the most widely employed. This may stem in part from the relaxing nature of the treatment itself or from the fast-acting pain relief it is known to provide. Either way, it remains a frontline treatment option for those who suffer from both chronic and acute pain.

For muscle stim units, the best way to shop is online. You have your choice of popular brands and types. You can find stim units with independent channels that can be uniquely programmed. These units allow you to treat two different patients at the same time--they can each be treated with the settings that are right for them. Units that allow you to do this should have timers, so you'll always treat each patient with the correct amount of stimulation.

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