Office Ergonomics

Written by Josh Dodes
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Until recently, office ergonomics was a fringe issue most regularly contemplated by ergonomics experts. However, in the last few years, ergonomics has moved from the fringes of the office safety discussion to center stage. And not a moment too soon: after all, millions of us turn out to have been hurting ourselves, unnecessarily, for years.

When you sit at a computer and type--as so many of us do for so many hours each day--you may imagine that your body is essentially "at rest." However, that could not be further from the case. In fact, the pressures that our joints and muscles endure while we work are relentless, and potentially more dangerous than those pressures we experience during vigorous exercise.

Office Ergonomics: Coping with a Hidden Risk

The reason that these tensions are potentially more dangerous is that they are far less noticeable on a moment-to-moment basis. That means that our instinctive desire to alleviate the pain is all but quelled. Which, of course, means that every hour we toil away without a proper understanding of office ergonomics is an hour leading inexorably towards chronic or recurring pain--pain that we may not see coming.

If you know where to look, expert guidance is available, and it is far more affordable than you might think. Take the time learn as much about ergonomic improvement as you can, and you will ensure yourself a healthier future. Fail to do so, and you may well look back with the regret of having ignored a problem simply because you were not yet crippled by it.

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