Poor Posture

Written by Josh Dodes
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If you are one of millions of adults admonished as a child for your poor posture, we have news that you may well find disappointing. Far from an aesthetic concern, posture problems can now be an increasingly serious health risk. Your parents' and teachers' advice, alas, appears to have been more prescient than even they could have realized.

The problem is that, in an age when we can get hours of work done without ever leaving our computers, even the smallest posture problems can create significant cumulative damage. To be sure, sitting and typing without a clear sense of body mechanics may not cost you much in short bursts. But the relentlessness with which we now do so has millions of us unwittingly headed for a future of chronic or recurring pain.

Correcting Poor Posture

Happily, correcting poor posture is no longer as difficult as you might imagine or as unpleasant as your parents led you to believe. Thanks to a handful of ergonomics and posture experts who have dedicated themselves to this growing problem, you can now find techniques and exercises that are quick, simple, and enormously effective means of heading pain off at the pass. Which means that doing right by your body no longer needs to require a sacrifice in productivity or pride.

Hate broccoli? Occasionally forget to say "please"? The odds are good you'll be fine in the long run. But when it comes to sitting up straight and carrying yourself properly, the consequences can be serious indeed. Don't take the unnecessary chance of suffering with both chronic pain and "I told you so."

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