Portable Massage Chairs

Written by Tara Peris
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Portable massage chairs are ideal for the practice with little space or that travels to exhibitions. The popularity of massage therapy has reached new highs over the past decade--more and more people are beginning to understand the science behind what used to be thought of as an enjoyable procedure.

Massage chairs are ergonomically designed to put clients at ease while keeping them in a semi-upright position. There is a headrest that allows people to recline face-forward to prepare for therapy. These chairs also assist with spine adjustments and other therapeutic procedures. They can be moved in and out of treatment rooms with ease and can be adjusted to meet a variety of patient needs. These features make the portable chair an ideal piece of equipment for most rehabilitation practices.

Characteristics of a Desirable Chair

Good chairs are easy to set up and very lightweight. Some have one piece designs, while others are composed of multiple pieces. When selecting a chair, look for a chest cushion to ensure the chair is comfortable for the patient. Headpieces should also be adjustable, able to handle multiple positions.

Portable massage chairs should still offer full access to a patient's cervical, thoracic, lumbar and shoulder regions. Chairs that are designed and built properly will have special seat angles that place the patient in a way that his or her lumbar region will be relieved of strain during treatment. There are a number of accessories available for portable massage chairs, including face rest covers, carrying cases, and desktop portals.

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