Posture Perfect

Written by Josh Dodes
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For generations, "posture perfect" was a phrase far more likely to have been heard in finishing schools than corporate workplaces. Until recently, even the most conservative workers enjoyed a far greater range of physical motion throughout the course of their average business day. In an increasingly computer-based economy, however, more and more workers find themselves sitting in the very same position for hours on end.

While sitting may not seem like the most strenuous physical environment at first blush, the fact is that you can do far more damage to your body by sitting still than by being in motion even part of the time. Fortunately, if you know where to turn, you can now take simple steps to make even the most sedentary workplace environment healthier. Drawing on years of experience in body mechanics and physiology, a handful of top wellness experts have taken it upon themselves to offer affordable advice that anyone can put into practice overnight.

Posture Perfect Is About More Than Health

Of course, learning how to become posture perfect is about more than simply physical health. It is also about physical appearances. In a competitive economy, it is more important than ever before to come across in a manner that is poised and confident, and proper posture can have a more dramatic effect on your physical presentation than you might have imagined.

Now that you can improve your physical well-being and your appearance in the same simple step, why would you settle for less? The sooner you avail yourself of the most productive techniques on the market, the sooner you will begin to feel the tension disappearing. With so much on the line, the time to make a change is today.

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