Written by Tara Peris
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Pronex is a well-known manufacturer of traction devices. With an innovative line of neck and cervical traction equipment, the company has all but cornered the market on chronic pain treatment. The key to their success lies with the development of traction devices that are both easy to use and effective.

Features of Pronex Devices

Their devices are all easy to use and gentle on the system. They work with the natural curves of the spine and were developed using sound medical and scientific research. This ensures that patients receive safe, effective, and quick relief for their pain conditions. Moreover, when equipment is easy to use, it increases the likelihood that patients will comply with treatment recommendations, thereby enhancing their long-term recovery prospects.

Back, neck, and cervical pain are all common conditions, and they can occur for any number of reasons. Conditions in the workplace--especially settings or tasks that require hours of continuous sitting--are often key instigators. At the same time, genetic factors are likely to play a role, with age exacerbating pre-existing conditions and bringing new ones as well. Oftentimes the best course of treatment is to have a patient use a cervical traction device both in your office and at home (depending on the severity of the condition).

Pronex offers two systems for cervical traction (they are almost exactly the same, except for the removal of foam cushions that rest on the shoulders in the second device). These devices contain no weights, springs, or levers--they are very user-friendly. The Pronex II provides anatomically correct traction without aggravating the temporomandibular joint. Pronex devices all support the natural curve of the spine and alleviate pain in the anterior and posterior cervical discs.

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