Written by Tara Peris
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Sombra is a topical gel that relieves pain from arthritis and other common pain-inducing conditions. Made from all-natural ingredients, it is a safe analgesic drug that may be used quickly and easily to alleviate pain. It is among the foremost options for those wishing to pursue natural or holistic pain remedies.

Sombra--An All-Natural Analgesic

Sombra is an all-natural analgesic, although it is technically classified as a drug because of its pain-relieving properties. It is formulated with a group of distinctive plant extracts that are blended with menthol, witch hazel, and capsaicin. These plant ingredients were derived from traditional usage by Indian tribes in northern Mexico.

Although Sombra works through all-natural ingredients, it provides the same fast acting, reliable results you would expect from mainstream topical ointments. It is non-greasy, does not stain clothing, and may be applied safely and easily to most body parts. What this means is that it can compete with the major brand name drugs while providing all natural care, a claim that few gels of its kind can make. For practices that focus on natural or holistic treatment, this is an analgesic that will fulfill those criteria.

It is easiest to order Sombra online. Most rehabilitation retailers will carry it, as will natural goods suppliers. When searching for online vendors, it's a good idea to find one that also sells other chiropractic supplies you'll need, such as electrode pads or water pillows. Even better is when your chosen vendor offers shipping at a discounted price.

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