Strengthen Tendons

Written by Norene Anderson
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Tendons are the fibrous tissue connecting bone to muscle. The most familiar ailment associated with tendons is tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis). While it may seem that this would be a condition that only athletes would experience, it is much more common than that.

Any kind of activity that puts stress on the elbow can result in pain. Causes that are more common than playing tennis include using a screwdriver, pulling weeds, or carrying a suitcase. The harm comes when movement happens that exceeds the comfortable stretching of the tendon. It usually happens after prolonged use in a repetitive manner. You may work in the garden all day with no pain only to wake up the next day unable to straighten your arm.

How to Strengthen Tendons

Physical therapists or other healthcare professionals can suggest exercises that can stretch and strengthen the tendons. However, it is often too late once an injury has occurred. The inflamed tendon must rest in order to heal. It may require wearing a sling or splinting the elbow at a 90-degree angle for short periods. A band may be worn around the forearm below the elbow. This provides support for the tendon while carrying out regular activities.

Overall body health is important in strengthening any part of the body. A healthy diet supplemented with natural herbs will boost the immune system and stabilize the body. As toxins are removed from the body and supporting vitamins and minerals are added, it will be much easier to strengthen tendons to do the activities desired.

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