Tens Electrodes

Written by Tara Peris
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All chiropractic offices will need to keep plenty of extra tens electrodes on hand. These electrodes are the mechanisms by which transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator (tens) machines administer currents. Electrodes are placed on the patient's affected areas, and allow the currents generated to flow through tight, aching muscles. Before applying electrodes to a patient, make sure his or her skin is in good condition, without any irritation or rashes. These conditions may be aggravated by the electrode.

Electrodes come in all shapes--round, square, butterfly, long low back strips, etc. You should choose an electrode based on the area you're trying to stimulate--the size and shape should work well for that area. You should clean the patient's skin and place the electrode on or near the source of pain. Most tens units come with an owner's manual and should have a diagram with suggestions for placement.

Electrodes can have an adhesive backing, just like Band-Aids. They are generally sold in packs of four, twenty or forty, and come in different sizes (2" by 2.5", for example). Other accessories that usually come with tens units are the battery and lead cords.

Electrodes Are Inexpensive and Easy to Purchase

Stocking up on tens electrodes and other supplies is best accomplished by shopping online. You can take advantage of shipping discounts or even free shipping, depending on the vendor you choose to work with. Try to find a vendor that offers free shipping, and a bulk discount. Many chiropractic offices also keep a checklist of supplies that is carefully and thoroughly monitored by office staff to ensure that supplies are always fresh and available.

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