Treatments For Chronic Back Pain

Written by Norene Anderson
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Treatments for chronic back pain range from simple measures to radical surgeries. The extent of treatment is determined by the amount and cause of the damage. If the pain is caused from stress on the back because of poor conditioning, a good exercise program is a great start to managing the pain.

Another way to avoid aggravating an already tender back is to wear the right kind of shoes. If you must stand for an extended period of time, try to use a stool or something you can rest your foot on occasionally. Alternating the weight from one foot to the other will shift the way the back accepts the strain. Always wear shoes with adequate cushioning to absorb the shock of each step.

Non-invasive Treatments for Chronic Back Pain

When you are sitting, make sure you are in a chair that is the proper fit for you. The back of the chair should support your back without you having to lean into it. Particularly if you sit at a computer, you need an adjustable chair so you can position yourself according to good ergonomic standards. If you must, place your feet on a stool to keep your knees above the level of your hips.

Your healthcare provider may do some thorough testing to determine the exact cause of the pain and if there is any damage to the nerve structure of the spine. A myelogram, CT, or MRI may be done to make this assessment. Once the results are available, a plan of action will be put into place to manage the pain or proceed with more aggressive treatment.

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