Workplace Ergonomics

Written by Josh Dodes
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In a 21st-century economy dominated by computers and cubicles, proper workplace ergonomics has become a subject of increasing significance. Ironically, few office workers recognize just how physically detrimental sitting in one position for hours on end can be. Most are simply thankful that they do not have to endure the more obvious physical labor of their forebears' jobs.

Needless to say, however, a sedentary workplace environment can be every bit as dangerous as a vigorously physical one. The cumulative effect of low-level pressures and tensions upon the same joints, hour after hour, can in fact be devastating to even the hardiest office worker. Worse still, we have become so accustomed to the tension and pain associated with sitting in place that we often fail to realize that they are there until it is too late.

Workplace Ergonomics That Work

Fortunately, a few of the most experienced exercise physiologists in the business have recently turned their focus to helping workers recognize and alleviate these tensions. Offering simple, affordable regimens which incorporate rudimentary exercises that can be performed any time and anywhere, these experts have already made a significant difference in the lives of countless office workers. That these workplace ergonomics exercises not only reduce pain, but also increase relaxation and improve appearance, only makes taking the time to learn them an even more worthwhile endeavor.

Don't let present physical mistakes ensure a future of significant physical pain. Simple steps you take to address ergonomics and posture concerns today can improve your quality of life for years to come. With so much on the line, why would you have it any other way?

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