Wrong Sitting Posture

Written by Josh Dodes
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Few of us whose parents admonished us to "sit up straight" ever considered that the wrong sitting posture could actually have harmful physical effects. A generation ago, of course, most occupations required at least a minimal amount of physical motion, even if that motion was a periodical walk down the hall. In today's increasingly computer-intensive workplace, however, more and more of us are able to efficiently work for hours on end without ever leaving our seat.

While this modern development may seem the height of convenience, it has also quietly introduced an insidious new set of health risks. The relatively inconsequential pressures and tensions on certain joints of our body when we are sitting still become significant dangers when we are subjected to them for hours on end. Fortunately, a great many of these physical risks can be alleviated by focusing on an old-fashioned subject that now has distinctly modern implications: posture.

The Risks of the Wrong Sitting Posture

The risks of the wrong sitting posture are more substantial than many of us once imagined. The cumulative effects of unhealthy pressures on the muscles and joints of our back, neck, and shoulders can lead to chronic pain and even spinal problems. That means that correcting the manner in which we sit for hours on end can affect far more than our temporary comfort.

Expert guidance is available and affordable, but you need to know where to look. Doing so, however, has never been more essential. We encourage you to sit up straight, take a deep breath, and make a decision that can positively impact your well-being for the rest of your life.

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Sit up Straight or Your Back is Going to Deflate!

Growing up my mom always told me those words of wisdom, but not until recently did I believe it. My job requires me to be on the computer 95% of the time and I didn't start having back pain until recently in the past few years. My Dr. told me to leave a sticky note on my computer reminding me to "Sit Up Straight" and I must say it has made a world of difference.

Poor Posture Causing Shoulder Pain

I have terrible posture caused from sitting for long periods of time hunched over a computer desk and scoliosis in my upper back. Very recently I have been dealing with a lot of shoulder pain from that hunching. I would really like to figure out how I can improve my posture and deal with my back pain. I have been using a brace from http://www.braceability.com/shoulder-braces-supports-slings-splints-stab... to hold my shoulders up but I would prefer just to work on my posture and not have to wear it anymore.
I'm going to be checking out some of the other articles on this site but I would really like to get some personal input on my situation.
Thank you!