X-ray Equipment

Written by Tara Peris
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X-ray equipment can be anything from film to cassettes to chemicals to darkroom accessories. Keeping a plentiful stock of all these supplies on hand will keep your practice running smoothly, day in and day out. Ordering in large quantities from an online supplier is a fast and painless way to ensure the supply closet is never empty.

The field of radiology itself is an ever-changing discipline. An array of high-tech equipment is needed to give the chiropractor accurate results from which to make a diagnosis. Over the past decade, advancements in computerized tomography (CT scanning), functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) and a host of other new imaging techniques have allowed for faster and more accurate diagnosis. While these advances are great for the field as a whole, most small to mid-sized practices don't have the means to access these technologies. Good old-fashioned fluoroscopy is what most of us rely on.

Necessary Equipment for X-Rays

As a result, fluoroscopy tables are perhaps the most important part of any office's x-ray equipment. Ideally, your fluoroscopy table should provide good patient positioning without a great deal of adjustments. Some tables have hand controls, some have foot controls, and some have both. Be sure to check on the weight capacity before ordering a table--they aren't all the same.

Other necessary supplies include X-ray shielding garments. You can chose from full aprons, half aprons, and capes. Traditional lead aprons need to allow for plenty of room for movement, usually through an open back that can be cinched loosely around the patient. Shielding garments can also come in different thicknesses--take a moment to find out whether your equipment requires a thickness of .3 or .5.

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