Blood Glucose Level

Written by Kevin Little
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Blood glucose levels are obviously a highly important consideration for diabetics, so much so that it hardly bears repeating. One of the ways in which fluctuating blood glucose levels can impair a diabetic's lifestyle is through a condition known as diabetic retinopathy. This serious condition results in loss of vision, sometimes to the point of total blindness.

Such a serious condition warrants serious study, and medical research has shown that a synthetic variant of thiamine, called benfotiamine, may be able to counteract the effects of diabetic retinopathy. This supplement acts in much the same way as thiamine and comes in an easily digested form. Such a supplement can be vital to fending off this difficult malady.

Blood Glucose Levels and Supplements

These supplements were introduced over fifty years ago in Japan by scientists who were looking for aids for other diseases. Only recently has the product been thoroughly studied in the United States, and such studies have proven very beneficial to diabetics looking to take control of their treatment options. Befotiamine has been shown to be safe when taken with other medications and over extended periods of time, though of course consultation with a physician is highly recommended.

As the positive effects of this supplement are just starting to be unearthed, the product itself is not yet in comparatively wide circulation. When looking for benfotiamine, the internet can be an incredibly useful tool. Not only can you find providers, but also sites that provide excellent information about this product and its uses.

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