Exercise For Sciatica

Written by Kevin Little
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Exercise for sciatica is one excellent way to attempt to deal with this fickle disorder. Sciatica refers to damage or aggravation of the sciatic nerve, which runs from the lower back all the way down each of our legs. It's one of the longest nerves we have, so when it acts up, it's immediately and painfully apparent.

Sciatica is a common ailment for those who suffer also from diabetes, as the blood glucose levels of the diabetic can and does often lead to nerve damage in various regions of the body. The disorder is also commonly caused by ruptured disks in the back, as such a condition can easily lead to excess pressure being placed on the sciatic nerve. Either way, dealing with sciatica can be a very difficult proposition, due to the large area of the body that is affected.

Supplements and Exercise for Sciatica

Depending on your particular form of sciatica, exercise may be very useful in coping with the pain and discomfort, and hopefully shortening sciatica's stay in your life. The exercise for sciatica you'll undertake will be low resistance and gentle--more like yoga, in fact, than what we would normally term "exercise." There are a number of different stretches and positions involved in such an exercise regimen, and the ones you'll do will be those recommended for your particular case.

Whether you're suffering from sciatica due to diabetes or lower back or spinal injuries, you have yet another option available to you. Dietary supplements have recently been found to offer substantial sciatica relief. The vitamin B-1 derivative that is found in such specialized supplements is great for reducing the pain caused by nerve-based disorders.

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