Low Blood Glucose Level

Written by Kevin Little
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Low blood glucose levels are a common problem with serious side effects for those suffering from diabetes. Everyone knows that proper regulation of blood glucose levels is important for diabetics. However, the symptoms of low blood glucose are not as well known.

A diabetic experiencing a drop in blood glucose levels will exhibit a number of different traits in different combinations. Symptoms include, among other things, dizziness, confusion, irritability, unsteadiness and sweating. More serious cases can lead to blackouts and even comas.

Low Blood Glucose Levels Over Time

On an individual basis, these symptoms can be averted by simply consuming carbohydrates, thus raising the body's blood sugar. Consistent tests of glucose levels are essential in order to avoid as many such episodes as possible. Over time, though, the effects of consistently high or low blood glucose levels can contribute to number of serious conditions.

Many types of nerve damage are common in diabetics due to fluctuating glucose levels. Conditions like diabetic neuropathy are one of the side effects of diabetes. For such ailments involving the nerves, keeping careful track of blood sugar is a must to lessen the degree of the symptoms. If you're suffering from such a condition, you might also look into a supplement that can help shield your nerves from such damage.

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