Peripheral Sensory Neuropathy

Written by Kevin Little
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Peripheral sensory neuropathy is a disorder that can leave entire sides of one's body feeling numb and useless. It is causes by nerve damage, and is treated depending on how the damage came about. Sometimes, this disorder comes from decreased blood flow to a set of nerves or pressure on a nerve from misaligned bones.

Other times, however, this form of neuropathy occurs from nerve damage attributed to diabetes. No matter what the cause, the symptoms can range from tingling and numbness to pain in large areas of the body. While proper treatment is essential, this disorder can sneak up on you, with generally unrecognized signs showing up before the symptoms themselves.

Living with Peripheral Sensory Neuropathy

Even when treated properly, the effects of this ailment are typically slow to go away, and symptoms may become chronic. The first step to dealing with peripheral sensory neuropathy is to get it diagnosed properly to allow for appropriate treatment. Once diagnosed, physical therapy can be very valuable for the purposes of keeping muscles as loose and active as possible.

Dietary supplements are another treatment option that are becoming more popular as more is known about them. Those supplements that contain thiamine can reduce the discomfort of may common nerve problems. The latest research has produced positive feedback on this new mode of nerve therapy.

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