Relief From Sciatica

Written by Kevin Little
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Relief from sciatica comes in many different forms, just as the disorder itself occurs in different forms and as a result of different causes. Just as a scalpel won't be useful in every medical emergency, there are certain treatments for sciatica that may treat one form of the condition but not another. Luckily, there are also treatments that treat many kinds of sciatica, regardless of origin.

When most people hear "sciatica," they think, "lower back." This makes sense, as often times the condition is caused by an abnormality in the lower back that places pressure on the sciatic nerve, even though the pain is felt in the legs. Yet there are causes of sciatica that have nothing to do with the back at all.

Choosing Correct Relief from Sciatica

Diabetes, for example, can also cause sciatica symptoms to occur due to nerve damage unrelated to the back. A decrease in the blood supply to the nerve can have the same effect. Obviously, back-centric plans of treatment will not work for such cases of sciatica.

While there is no miracle cure for every form of sciatica that can conceivably pop up, there is hope for sciatica sufferers in the form of benfotiamine. This derivative of thiamine delivers large quantities of vitamin B-1 to the system, which helps with the pain of many types of nerve damage. Make sure to consider all of your options when looking for the most effective form of relief from sciatica.

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