Sciatica Causes

Written by Kevin Little
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Sciatica causes, like the nerve itself, are dual in nature. The sciatic nerve is just one nerve--just one nerve that happens to run the length of each leg. With two legs and a meeting point in the middle, there's a lot of room for things to go wrong.

Most of the causes of this disorder begin at the meeting point--the base of the spine. We all have sore backs now and again, but when your lower back has a real problem--like a ruptured disk--such dysfunction can place undue pressure on the sciatic nerve. Once this happens, not only will your back hurt, but your legs will hurt as well.

Sciatica Causes and Effects

Luckily, the treatment for such sciatica can be easy--sometimes as little as keeping active until the pain goes away. If the cause is more serious damage to the spine, then surgery may be required. However, even surgery can seem straightforward when compared to treatment for the other of the main sciatica causes: diabetes.

When the contributing factor is diabetes, sciatica treatment becomes more complex. Since the problem is nerve damage as opposed to spinal damage, treatment options revolve more around keeping the system biologically stable. Keeping tabs on blood sugar and levels of nutrients and vitamins becomes the focus of such a regimen of treatment.

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