Severe Fibromyalgia

Written by Kevin Little
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Severe fibromyalgia can lead to the loss of the one of one of the things we hold most dear: energy. No one likes to feel too tired, never mind feeling that way all the time. Yet making people continually lethargic is just what this condition can do.

When you hear "fibromyalgia," think, "the flu"--all the time. That's what people suffering with this ailment often feel like they have, but for the fact that it doesn't end. The lethargy and muscle aches just go on.

Specifics of Severe Fibromyalgia

This condition attacks the tissues of the body, such as tendons, ligaments, and, especially muscles. Muscles are left feeling as though they're "pulled" all of time, fragile and sore. Severe fibromyalgia symptoms also include great pains along with the aches, shooting, stinging pains in the muscles.

To top it all off, many patients find that it is difficult to go to sleep, despite they fact that they may feel tired during most of their waking hours. Such a difficult condition requires a number of different treatments depending on the specific case. These may include physical therapy, sleeping pills, anti-depressants, and vitamin supplements.

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