Shingles Virus

Written by Kevin Little
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The shingles virus arrives in different guises, though in every case its appearance is rather shadowy in nature. It is unknown why the disease sprouts it wings at all. It is most definitely related to chicken pox, the appearance of which is equally unfathomable.

So related is shingles to chicken pox that the only people who suffer from shingles are those have previously suffered from the pox. Shingles arises as a new version of the same virus, and thought symptoms vary from case to case, they are always similar between the two infections. All of which means: look forward to more itching and blistering.

Shingles Virus: Who Gets It

While all people who have a chicken pox history are potentially susceptible to shingles, not all of those people will get it. In fact, only about one out of every five eligible people will have to bear the discomfort of shingles. The disease is more common in those over fifty and people with weakened immune systems.

When treated early with the proper medications, the shingles virus can be contained and eliminated sooner that normal. Several prescription drugs and at least one dietary supplement are able to effect such a welcome change. Talk to your doctor about which option is best for you.

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