Treatment For Shingles

Written by Kevin Little
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Treatment for shingles is now more varied than it even has been before. The best treatment used to be the old "grin and bear it" approach. While time is still the only ultimate cure for shingles, process of getting rid of this virus has been greatly accelerated by a number of products.

Understand, now, that when we refer to "time," we're talking about a span of a few weeks. Such a period is usually the time it takes for the virus to go from an itching sensation to a rash to blisters--to gone, hopefully forever. Most people only get this disease once, and once is definitely enough.

Oral Treatment for Shingles

Though shingles is a skin disease, some of the best forms of treatment for shingles are taken through the mouth. These pills, in the form of prescription medications, can make shingles' stay on your skin a lot shorter. A doctor can fill you in on the details of these options and their potential side effects.

You might also look to the realm of dietary supplements, which have recently been discovered to be of help with the effects of shingles. One example, benfotiamine, has been around for decades, but has only been recently tested as a an option for treating shingles. Many people have found this supplement to be a safe and valuable ally in the battle against shingles.

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