What Is The Disease Shingles

Written by Kevin Little
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The question, "What is the disease shingles?" cannot be answered without talking about chicken pox. I know, I know, chicken pox is one of those things that most people would just like to forget, but the virus in inexorably linked to shingles. For one thing, if you haven't had chicken pox, you won't get shingles--chicken pox always comes first.

If you haven't had chicken pox and you are exposed to someone with shingles, you still won't get shingles--but you will get chicken pox. Otherwise, shingles is not a contagious disease. That's certainly a good point, for it can wreak havoc on your body for a few weeks.

Discovering What Is the Disease Shingles

Of course, when people ask, "What is the disease shingles?" they are more commonly attempting to find out not where it comes from but what it does. The answer to this question also brings up memories of chicken pox, as with shingles you will experience a rash and later blisters. These symptoms can be very painful indeed, sometimes enough to warrant the use of painkillers.

You can also discourage shingles through the use of one of a number of medications designed to combat the painful symptoms. You may additionally want to employ the aid of benfotiamine, which treats a number of different kinds of disorders, shingles among them. The infusion of thiamine you'll get from benfotiamine can be one good way to make the pain go away--at least to some extent--until the virus is gone entirely.

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