Affordable Cancer Treatments

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Affordable cancer treatments are abundant--in the field of alternative cancer remedies. Unless a patient has excellent insurance coverage, the mainstream treatments of surgery/radiation/chemotherapy are expensive. This triad constitutes the Western practice where cancer is concerned, along with a few other options such as laser therapy.

Affordable cancer treatments, on the other hand, consist of a nutritious diet, immune system boosters, herbal cancer treatments, natural chemotherapy, and nutritional supplements. This treatment regimen reflects the Eastern, or Chinese, practice in which substances from nature--plants and herbs--are used for their healing properties. Needless to say, this approach of using plants is much less expensive than using pharmaceuticals developed by drug companies.

Affordable Cancer Treatments from Abroad

Few of these natural remedies are available in this country, as they are considered ineffective and sometimes dangerous by the medical establishment. These substances must usually be obtained from Europe, or from cancer clinics in Mexico, for instance. The mainstream organizations that have conducted clinical trials quite rightly point out that, without governmental regulation, purity and consistency of dosage may be problematic in herbal therapies.

Their concern about interactions between chemotherapy and alternative substances is also valid. This is why patients are urged to tell all persons involved in their care about any vitamin, herb, or other affordable cancer treatments they are using. The overriding caution is to engage in any treatment only under the care and supervision of a professional health practitioner who specializes in cancer treatment.

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