Herbal Cancer Treatments

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Herbal cancer treatments are just one of over 100 alternative cancer remedies that are being used privately by cancer patients, and in cancer clinics around the world. Although alternative, natural substances are increasingly finding their way into mainstream cancer centers in the United States, the fact remains that most non-conventional therapies are considered controversial, especially if used instead of orthodox surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. Clinical trials that have been conducted by conventional groups on several kinds of alternative treatments have usually found them relatively ineffective, or dangerous.

Alternative practitioners, on the other hand, criticize the way the studies are conducted, and point to the use of these substances--successfully, they say--in prominent cancer clinics abroad. Mexico has many clinics just across the border from San Diego that specialize in alternative cancer therapy. Along with Germany and Japan, Mexico has some of the most popular clinics in the world.

Herbal Cancer Treatments in the United States

Frankly, American doctors are jeopardizing their careers if they only use alternative approaches to cancer, without also using what is considered the standard treatments. Integrative medicine has found favor in mainstream cancer centers in this country, partly because it is still based on the standard cancer treatments of surgery, radiation, and chemo. Alternatives such as herbal cancer treatments may be integrated into this conventional approach.

Western medicine is largely based on surgery and drugs (pills, medicine and chemicals). Traditional Chinese medicine uses plants and herbs, as well as techniques such as acupuncture, to treat all kinds of health problems. Some of the herbal cancer treatments offered by alternative practitioners are ancient Chinese formulas. A few are available in the United States, but many must be ordered from Europe, or elsewhere. Generally, any alternative cancer treatment used in this country must be incorporated into the standard treatment in order for the attending doctor to prescribe it without jeopardy.

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