Lung Cancer Articles

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Lung cancer articles are most conveniently located online on the websites of national cancer organizations and alternative cancer treatment groups. If lengthy, articles are often in the PDF format; this is a common format that requires Adobe programs to run. A second resource are the bibliographies at the end of various informative sections on these same websites; these bibliographies list the articles and studies that the conclusions in the main segment are based on.

A third source of lung cancer articles are the search organizations, such as Google and Yahoo. Organizational websites are listed, but so are certain articles that are relevant to the topic. Online magazines also post articles about alternative cancer remedies, cancer diet information, current research and clinical trials, and up-to-date statistics.

Abundance of Lung Cancer Articles

Therapy consultants post articles on their specialty, which is advising patients and their families on the kinds of cancer treatments available, side effects, costs, and social/sexual consequences of cancer and its treatment. Another invaluable general topic comes under the heading of managing your care, which becomes a major part of any cancer patient's life.

These articles can help a cancer patient deal with the myriad questions, decisions, appointments, paperwork, and turmoil associated with cancer treatment. Lung cancer articles can help the patient and family get organized, and get advance directives authorized. Advance directives are extremely important because they are legally binding instructions that let your family and healthcare providers know the kind of treatment you want and do not want should you be unable to decide at the time.

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