Lung Cancer Facts

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Lung cancer facts must begin with the unexpected statement, to some, that lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death for men and women. A lot of publicity has been deservedly given to breast cancer in women, and undoubtedly many fear this type of cancer most of all. Information on lung cancer reveals, however, that breast cancer is second to lung cancer as a killer of women. Even more ominous, the incidence of lung cancer among men is declining; among women, it has been steadily increasing until this year.

Both facts are directly related to smoking. Among men, smoking is decreasing; not so, with women. Whether or not women are more prone to develop lung cancer is being studied. Although the lung cancer survival rate is discouraging, even more disheartening is the fact that those who are cured of lung cancer are at greater risk of a recurrence, and have a greater incidence of cancer of the digestive system.

Smoking and Lung Cancer Facts

Among the most daunting lung cancer facts is that for most patients who have non small cell lung cancer, available orthodox treatment does not cure the disease. Survival rates for both types of lung cancer are low to zero. The emphasis, therefore, has been on prevention. The single most important risk factor for the development of lung cancer is smoking.

Second-hand smoke and exposure to asbestos and/or radon are also risk factors, but smoking tobacco is far-and-away the leading cause of lung cancer. Any education program about lung cancer facts, whether by mainstream or alternative organizations, emphasizes the need to stop smoking. Smokers who look at the survival rates for those even in the early stages of lung cancer are faced with the fact that their own odds of avoiding and surviving lung cancer for any length of time are slim.

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