Lung Cancer Research Info

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Lung cancer research info, like all information on lung cancer, is easily found on the Internet on websites of mainstream and alternative organizations alike. Cancer organizations are vitally interested in educating the public about all aspects of lung cancer: risks, causes, prevention, symptoms, stages, treatment. The very latest lung cancer facts can be found on the websites of these groups, along with ongoing research and clinical trials that are underway.

Gene therapy has been a promising research subject for some time. Scientists now believe that five-10 percent of all cancer cases are the result of inherited gene mutations. Genetic testing for those at high risk is available, but is recommended only for those who have a family history of cancer, with two or more family members developing the disease at an early age, and with two or more cancers appearing in the same relative.

Online Lung Cancer Research Info

The websites of such national groups as the National Cancer Institute, American Cancer Society, and People Living with Cancer all have extensive segments on lung cancer in general, and lung cancer research info in particular. When studies and clinical trials are concluded, the results are posted on the Internet, so it is easy to stay current on mainstream thinking. Many subjects are being examined for any possible use in the treatment of lung cancer.

Even popular magazines print articles about why we should eat certain foods that help to fight cancer, such as tomatoes, broccoli, whole grains, and garlic. "Synergy" is the concept that vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals in certain plants act with one another to provide protection against cancer. Only in the last 15-20 years has a strong link between diet and cancer been explored enough to affect mainstream thinking about the benefits of healthy eating. Lung cancer research info from alternative practitioners has long shown that good nutrition, exercise, and appropriate weight are essential to good health.

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