Lung Cancer Treatment Center

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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A lung cancer treatment center is a hospital or other medical facility that concentrates on using the latest technology and medical methods and approaches for their patients. Renowned for their holistic and eclectic therapy, these centers consist of concentrations of specialists and advanced instruments that are used in applications of the latest standard and complementary procedures. Some major hospitals are famous for their research and daily applications of the latest knowledge about cancer.

A lung cancer treatment center has the advantage of housing the cancer specialists and necessary machinery under one roof. This facilitates the coordination of the treatment of the patient, as well as communication among patient and healthcare workers. These centers tend to be progressive and more likely to incorporate alternative remedies into their patient regimen.

Lung Cancer Treatment Center Use of Alternative Medicine

There will be about 173,800 new cases of lung cancer this year, with a five-year survival rate for all stages (early to late) of about 15 percent. Early detection is critical, yet most cases of lung cancer are not diagnosed until the later stages, which severely affects lung cancer prognosis. President Nixon declared war on cancer in 1971, but general survival rates for all types of cancer, while improved, have not shown dramatic increases.

Public pressure has lead to the exploration of alternatives to the surgery-radiation-chemotherapy process that is the foundation of Western treatments for cancer. Many online organizations have cancer center locators to assist the public in finding the closest lung cancer treatment center. Lung cancer therapy is a work-in-progress, and the Internet enables consumers to keep up with the latest treatment, concepts, and prevention information from the many reliable groups that disseminate vital cancer information.

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