Lung Cancer Treatment Information

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Lung cancer treatment information is readily available on the Internet both from mainstream organizations, such as the American Cancer Society, and from advocates for alternative cancer remedies. Regardless of their orthodoxy or non-conventionality, most websites provide an enormous amount of lung cancer info--statistics, survival rates, descriptions of treatment options. It is always interesting to read opposing viewpoints, and it can be especially helpful if you or a loved one has cancer and must make many important decisions.

Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) has become a prominent discussion subject in recent years in lung cancer treatment information. Complementary medicine consists of using selected alternative therapies as adjuncts of mainstream treatment. Alternative medicine refers to approaches that are substituted for mainstream treatment. A third course is integrative medicine, in which medical practitioners choose from an array of mainstream and alternative remedies in their treatment of cancer patients.

Online Lung Cancer Treatment Information

Integrative medicine characterizes some of the most preeminent cancer treatment centers in the United States. They do not hesitate to use surgery, if necessary, but they also may employ aromatherapy, music therapy, meditation, and yoga. Most certainly, they use a high-quality diet to nourish their patients, and explore the psychological and emotional effects of having cancer.

The goal of integrative medicine in developing lung cancer treatment information is to use any tool that might have positive effects either on the cancer or on the patient. To this end, cancer centers devoted to integrative medicine often strive to empower their patients to fully participate in their own care. The staff at these centers understand that the cancer experience engulfs the patient's life, and goes far beyond the treatments themselves.

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