Prostate Cancer Clinical Trials

Written by Amy Hall
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There are prostate cancer clinical trials being conducted all the time to determine whether new drugs can help in the fight against this cancer. Provenge is one such clinical trial that has shown promising results. Provenge is a new vaccine that is given to men who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer; it is not a vaccine given prior to diagnosis.

In clinical trials, some men have been given Provenge, while others have been given a placebo. The results have shown that the men who received the Provenge lived longer than the men who received the placebo, sometimes by many years. The hope is that this new drug will be approved by the FDA in the near future and made available to all prostate cancer patients. The only side effects associated with this drug were flu-like symptoms.

Prostate Cancer Clinical Trials for Better Treatments

Prostate cancer research is ongoing, with doctors, researchers, and scientists working around the clock to find new answers. Cancer is one of the biggest health problems that Americans face, and until we come up with a cure, treatments are the only option. In many cases, prostate cancer therapies can eradicate the cancer cells completely.

In other cases, patients have to face years of ongoing treatments, including hormone therapy to suppress testosterone production in the body. Surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy have been the therapies of choice in fighting prostate cancer. There is hope that through clinical trials, new drugs will be discovered that can more effectively fight prostate cancer without the serious side effects associated with chemotherapy and radiation.

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