Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

Written by Amy Hall
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Hearing a prostate cancer diagnosis can certainly make anyone feel afraid. Cancer has always been the dreaded C word, as it comes in many forms and continues to take far too many lives each year. The good news is that prostate cancer seems to be one type of cancer that develops slowly, which gives doctors time to treat the cancer and eradicate it completely.

Another bonus to having time to come up with a treatment plan is that you can often try less invasive approaches to cancer treatment before deciding on surgery or chemotherapy. Sometimes the treatments for cancer are scarier than the cancer itself. We've all heard about the horror stories of people who became unbearably sick with chemotherapy. While it is true that chemo can make a person very sick, it is important to realize that chemo affects everyone differently.

Furthermore, fractured dose chemotherapy is aggressive towards cancer cells but it produces milder side effects. Radiation therapies have grown by leaps and bounds, and patients can expect a full recovery after undergoing a radiation/chemo treatment plan. Doctors are optimistic for a full recovery when a diagnosis is made early on in the game.

An Optimistic Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

Annual screenings are your best defense against advanced prostate cancer. Finding out you have prostate cancer before you even have any symptoms can be beneficial, as it will certainly give you and your doctor time to construct a plan of attack. The survival rate for prostate cancer patients is high, inching towards 98 percent when caught early.

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