Prostate Cancer Surgery

Written by Amy Hall
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Prostate cancer surgery is not typically something a man wants to go through, as it involves the removal of his testicles. This surgery is called orchiectomy, and the purpose of it is to remove the testicles that produce testosterone. Since prostate cancer needs testosterone to grow, the idea is to reduce the amount of testosterone in the body significantly. When cancer has spread, some of the surrounding tissues must be removed as well.

Surgery to remove the testicles carries with it emotional scarring in addition to the physical scars left behind. Men must face the fact that this type of surgery will render them impotent, which is a tough pill to swallow when you are in a relationship with someone you love. Giving up that intimacy is extremely challenging for many men and their partners; however, it may be the last resort if cancer has not responded to other treatments.

During this time of cancer treatment, it is vital that men receive the love and support they will need to get through this challenging time. Counseling individually and with their partners can be beneficial in helping them find new ways to bridge the gap to intimacy. Although it can be a relief to get rid of the cancer through surgery, it can also be anxiety-provoking and depressing, thinking of your life without sexual intimacy.

Prostate Cancer Surgery--Is It Worth It?

Many men opt for every other treatment option before they undergo surgery to remove the testicles and/or tumor. Radiation treatments have become highly advanced and when used in combination with chemotherapy, can oftentimes kill the cancer entirely. Men can also alter their diets and begin a regular exercise program to stay fit and boost their immunity. Stress management can help deal with the emotional roller coaster of cancer, as can the support of friends and loved ones. No one should have to endure cancer alone.

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