Cholesterol And Heart Disease

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Cholesterol and heart disease are very closely linked. Certainly cholesterol plays a telling role in arteriosclerosis, heart attacks and strokes. Every year in the United States sees some 125 million heart attacks. Many of these, though not all, are due in some way to cholesterol. Unfortunately, you may not be aware that you have a problem with one and a big risk for the other. It may be that your lifestyle and diet are not indicators of cholesterol and heart disease. Don't take the one life you know you have for granted.

Cholesterol and Heart Disease and History

While a healthy diet, an active lifestyle, lower body weight and physical fitness are key to a healthy heart, they are not the whole story. You may have inherited a predisposition to diabetes, or heart, liver or kidney disease that you're not aware of. You may have a problem with cholesterol and heart disease that you can't see, that no one can see because the particular risk factor you have can't be seen. This is why regular preventative medicine is important, why gathering medical history is important, especially when it comes to cholesterol and heart disease. Health care can only "give as good as it gets."

Cholesterol and Heart Disease and Ignorance

A U.S. naval officer in California died very suddenly of a heart attack some 10 or 15 years ago, taking everyone by surprise. He was fit, active, ate well, did not smoke, drank very little, had no known medical conditions. Why a heart attack? It ran in the family and no one knew it.

As an autopsy revealed, he had such a build-up of plaque in his arteries, despite his diet and exercise and lifestyle, that a heart attack was inevitable. Medical history wasn't tracked as accurately in the past as it is today. One simply didn't know. Ignorance kills.

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