Control High Cholesterol

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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How you should best control high cholesterol depends on how high it is and why it is high. You are at least aware of the risk of high cholesterol. You may already know that you have it. You may just want to learn more about it.

You may know cholesterol plays a significant contributing role to heart disease. You probably do know that the primary cause of heart attack and stroke are clogged arteries, and blood clots from those arteries traveling to either the heart or the brain, and that high cholesterol is what clogs the arteries. You know that it is important to control high cholesterol.

What "Control High Cholesterol" Means

If you have high cholesterol, you want to lower it. If you don't, you want to know how to avoid getting it. Your first step to control high cholesterol is to establish healthy eating habits, healthy exercise habits and healthy drinking and smoking habits. Let's define these in reverse order.

Healthy smoking habits are a fireplace with the vent open, meat or vegetables on the grill, perhaps fireworks in July. Tobacco smokers have a single advantage over nonsmokers: if they quit they raise their HDL cholesterol levels sharply, and that's a good thing. Healthy drinking habits are a little less radical. Indications are that red wine helps raise HDL cholesterol.

Healthy exercise habits mean regular aerobic exercise at least several times a week. This can be walking, tennis, running, cycling, volleyball. Whatever you enjoy and gives you a cardiovascular workout. Healthy eating habits are one of the best ways to control high cholesterol. They mean higher HDL and, more dramatically, decidedly lower LDL. What they entail is more emphasis on fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes and less on animal products high in saturated fats and radically less on processed foods. They mean a heart strong enough to maintain the body carrying it.

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