Heart Disease Prevention

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Making Lifestyle Changes

Rather than carrying on with a lifestyle that you know is not producing exactly vibrant health, if you know that you already have certain markers that make you a likely candidate for heart disease, such as overweight, hypertension, type II diabetes and others, why not take control right now? Your health is in your hands, and with a little self discipline and thought, you can easily improve the way you feel and incorporate heart disease prevention techniques into your new lifestyle.

If you're fairly healthy now, it's going to be relatively easy to make some changes for a vigorous heart disease prevention strategy. You'll need to cut out of your diet all processed fats and oils, and stick to unprocessed, cold pressed oils, or fresh butter in small amounts. Beyond that, you need to reduce dairy and meat, while eating as much fresh fruit and vegetables as you can.

Exercise and Heart Disease Prevention

Exercise is something that should be a part of everyone's life if they're serious about heart disease prevention. If you don't at present have any health problems, it will not be difficult for you to begin a program of activities that you enjoy and that will help you raise your fitness levels. A great, but little-known side effect of exercise is that it can actually drive down triglycerides and LDL, while raising levels of HDL, which is good cholesterol.

Since this is exactly what you need to happen for heart disease prevention, you'll begin to see how very important exercise is to your heart. You'll also see that, even if you're health is not that good at the moment, you should make every effort to keep moving. At least keep up with walking and stretching exercises to keep your blood pumping and keep your muscles supple. With time you'll be able to raise your activity levels to more effectively constitute a heart disease prevention strategy.

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