Home Cholesterol Test

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Home cholesterol testing makes it extremely easy to monitor your cholesterol levels. All adults should do this at least every five years. However, as we mature, it is imperative to check this more frequently as we get into our 40s and 50s.

A variety of home cholesterol test kits are available online and in health supply stores and are reasonably priced. Certainly they are considerably less expensive than medical treatment for heart disease. If the results are not what you expect, or if you are not sure which to buy, consult a medical professional, who will be qualified to conduct the test, interpret the results and determine the merits of the available models.

What's Involved in a Home Cholesterol Test?

In sum, you take a tiny blood sample with the prick of a sterilized lancet and get a reading on that blood. Home cholesterol test kits come with detailed instructions. Be careful to follow them carefully. If you fail to do so—do not stay quiet and relax for several minutes beforehand, do not fill the sample container, conduct the test in sunlight, don't allow enough time for the tester strip in the blood sample—you may get false readings.

How Are Home Cholesterol Tests Measured?

Cholesterol levels are made in milligrams (that is, one-thousandth of a gram, with a gram equaling one-twenty-eighth of an ounce) per deciliter (that is, one-tenth of a liter, with a liter being slightly larger than a quart). Remember cholesterol levels vary naturally. Repeated home cholesterol tests on a regular schedule will ensure more accurate results. Again, if you have any concerns, have your cholesterol levels tested by a qualified medical professional.

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