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Written by Patricia Skinner
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Results Not What You'd Hoped?

If you've just had some bloodwork done, and the results for your cholesterol counts were not what you'd hoped, you'll be looking around for ways to lower cholesterol. Your doctor will likely recommend that you use one of the Statin drugs for this purpose. But if you're like us, you'll be naturally wary of these in light of some of the bad publicity recently, and you'll at least want to try some natural cholesterol lowering alternatives first.

Some of the reasons that many people are now trying to avoid Statin drugs is, for example, that Lipitor and Baycol have both been known to cause muscle damage (the heart is a muscle), and some doctors are saying these medications have been linked to deaths. In fact, Baycol has been pulled from the market in some countries, notably Japan. In some cases, the benefits may outweigh the risks, but I for one want to exhaust every natural alternative before I go on to the use of Statins.

Don't Rush to Take the Easy Way Out

If you feel that taking Statins is the easy way out, consider that if Baycol has already been pulled from some markets, we are likely to hear a lot more on this subject in the near future. Until the truth's out, I wouldn't like to become one of their statistics. Did you know for example, that if you take certain vitamins along with Statins, you may actually raise your risk of a heart attack?

I find this particularly alarming because vitamins are an integral part of the food we eat (or they most certainly should be). So we have no way of knowing really what kind of reaction is going on inside of us. On the other hand, many natural ways to lower cholesterol are substances or foods that have been around for centuries, and that have been thoroughly tried and tested.

Golden Oldies!

Olive oil and oatmeal, for example, are great to add to your diet if you want to lower cholesterol. Another great thing to do is take cod liver oil every day. Cod liver oil can supply your body with the essential Omega 3 oils that are so difficult to get from ordinary diet nowadays, and this can have a positive effect on your good cholesterol readings. If the taste puts you off, don't forget that you can get cod liver oil in capsule form too.

Other "side effects" you'll love with cod liver oil are the fact that it can improve the look and feel of skin, increase energy, banish aches and pains, and even improve your memory! Of course, the very vitamins that you would take to lower cholesterol, like vitamin A and vitamin E, are some of the very vitamins that you may be advised not to take with the statins because of a possible interaction.

Stop Worrying About Side Effects

That, for me, is the beauty of natural alternatives to drugs; pretty much all the time, you can take vitamins, foods and herbal remedies in any combination you like without worrying about killing yourself! Peace of mind is a very valuable commodity isn't it? Here are a few pointers for you though, if you're embarking on a healthy way of doing things for the first time in your life.

To begin with, it may be a good idea to consult a naturopath, or at least read a few good books on the subject of how to lower cholesterol. Incorporate some lifestyle changes, such as moderate exercise, avoiding alcohol and commercially produced fats. Learn how wonderfully healthy butter and olive oil can be, in moderation.

Learn about some of the newer ways to lower cholesterol naturally. There have been some real breakthroughs lately in how to use natural substances to help conditions such as high cholesterol. Why not click through on our link to learn about one we like?

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