Reducing Triglycerides Cholesterol Levels

Written by Patricia Skinner
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HDL and LDL Counts

Not all cholesterol is the same. There is bad cholesterol and good cholesterol. Good cholesterol, or high density lipoprotein (HDL), should be kept above 35 at a minimum. Over 40 is good, 60 is optimal. On the other hand, low density lipoprotein (LDL), is bad, and along with the worst of all, triglycerides, should be keep as low as possible. Reducing triglycerides cholesterol levels is a preoccupation with many of us nowadays, as basically, it is the key to heart health.

The recommendations for LDL vary from person-to-person. If you have heart disease or diabetes, you need to keep your levels below 100. If you have some of the risk factors for either of these diseases, then you should keep your HDL to below 120. If you don't suffer from them, and you have no risk factors, then you should be safe if you are 130 and below. So you only need to think about reducing triglycerides cholesterol levels if you exceed the category for you personally.

Best Ways for Reducing Triglycerides Cholesterol Levels

Diet and exercise are definitely the best ways of all for reducing triglycerides cholesterol levels. Cholesterol-reducing supplements of natural substances also have a place. So, although in some cases there's no way of avoiding the use of the Statin drugs to bring down cholesterol levels, they should be avoided if at all possible in favor of natural methods.

In addition to the measures listed on our other pages for reducing triglycerides cholesterol levels, you could also try green tea extract and grape seed extract. Both of these supplements can be very effective. However there are others. For one we particularly like, why not click through on our link right away?

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