Written by Josh Dodes
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For years, health-conscious consumers have sought a healthy substitute for hydrogenated oils, without ever considering that that oil could come from coconuts. While this may seem an unlikely source, experts have long recognized coconut oil as one of the healthiest dietary oils in the world. It only takes a minimal amount of research to discover why.

Coconut oil is rich in vitamins and antioxidants which can profound improve your health. Manufactured properly, it can reduce infections, help control diabetes, and even help prevent heart disease and cancer. And all of this in a product that is completely organic and cholesterol-neutral!

Coconuts Are the Solution

The less well-understood distinction is not between coconut oil and other hydrogenated oils, but between coconut oils that are processed differently. The fact is, oil that has been bleached, refined and deodorized--as much of it is--is not nearly as healthy as oil that has been minimally processed. Only oil which has been cold-pressed and distilled from its water content by centrifuge retains the full benefits of this remarkable natural product.

With substitutes this impressive, there is no reason to cook with hydrogenated oil again. After all, a choice between an oil that decreases your health and one that dramatically improves it is no choice at all. It's no wonder that savvy consumers are increasingly saying goodbye to hydrogenated oils for good.

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