Fractionated Coconut Oil

Written by Josh Dodes
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While aromatherapists and masseuses have often been known to use fractionated coconut oil, the process by which it is created renders it far less effective for consumption. This distinction is important, since coconut oil that has been produced by the most natural means confers the most impressive health benefits. And when it comes to coconut oil, those benefits are worth preserving to the fullest extent possible.

As more consumers have learned in recent years, coconut oil, when properly processed, can help prevent everything from infections to cancer. Used as a substitute for hydrogenated oils, it can additionally promote weight loss and improve metabolic functions. That is good news for consumers everywhere who have long resigned themselves to the ubiquities of hydrogenated oils.

Why Fractionated Coconut Oil Is Not As Healthy

The reason that fracitonated coconut oil is not as healthy relates to the means by which it is extracted from the coconut. While natural coconut oil is most beneficial when cold pressed and distilled by centrifuge, fractionated oil is distilled by a heating process that robs it of some of its critical nutrients. With a product that is so beneficial to your health, there is simply no reason to settle for anything less than the most naturally produced variants.

Fortunately, thanks to a handful of top prodcuers and suppliers, finding and acquiring properly processed coconut oil is now easier than ever. If you know where to look, you can improve your health at a truly impressive rate. Who ever thought protecting your well-being would be so easy and taste so good?

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