Sulfite-free Coconut

Written by Josh Dodes
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The importance of buying only sulfite-free coconut oil need not be stressed to health-conscious consumers. However, since terms like "extra virgin" are relatively meaningless in the field of coconut oil, even savvy consumers can be fooled into buying oil that has had preservatives and sulfites added. The difference between oil produced naturally and other oils can be substantial.

As an increasing number of consumers has learned about the health benefits of substituting coconut oil for hydrogenated oils, the different processes by which this oil is created have gone largely unnoticed. However, as with so many foods, oil that has been produced and prepared using sulfites and other additives can put unnecessary chemicals into your bloodstream. Worse still, some of these unnatural processes actually serve to reduce the health benefits of coconut oil in the first place.

Natural, Sulfite-Free Coconut Oil

Natural, sulfite-free coconut oil is produced in the most natural possible manner. That means that the coconut milk is extracted from the coconut meat using cold-pressing, and the water content is distilled away from the oil using a centrifuge. With benefits as varied and important as coconut oil can provide, there's simply no reason to settle for a product that adds chemicals you don't need and takes away nutrients that you do.

Education is the key to maximizing the benefits of this extraordinary substitute for hydrogenated oils. We encourage you to learn as much as you can about the varying means of production. As you will discover, not only coconut oil is created equal.

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