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Choosing A Good Colon Cleanser For Yourself

Written by johinspire
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Using colon cleanser is one of the most economical, convenient and easy ways for colon cleansing and detoxification. However, there are hundreds of colon cleansers in the market. All of them might claim that their products are the best. How should you choose?

Here’re 3 important factors to choose a good colon cleanser that fits you needs:

1. Objectives- Maintenance or Intensive

What are your objectives? Are you going for an intensive cleansing for a week or a month or maintaining the health of your colon? If you are planning to maintain the health of your colon, take colon cleansers which are natural and gentle. There’re some colon cleansers that contain harsh ingredients that cause harm to your digestive system if you take for long term. If you are going for an intensive cleanse, make sure you take something not to gentle and preferably have parasites killer.

2. Herbal or Oxygen

There are many different kinds of colon cleansers. Most of them can be divided into 2 categories- herb based and oxygen based. Herb based colon cleansers use herbs to promote regular bowel movements, get rid of parasites, build up wastes and toxins. Most herb based colon cleansers contain natural laxatives and fiber. Oxygen based colon cleansers use oxygen to cleanse our body’s digestive system and organs. Choose which colon cleanser is the one you prefer.

3. Auto-billing

There’s been lots of complaints about this issue. Many sellers have been providing auto-billing or auto-shipping for colon cleansers. If you sign up with their program, they will automatically ship you a package of colon cleanser every month and bill your credit card too. Some companies are unethical and they make their customers extremely hard to cancel their payment and play some tricks in the agreement. Make sure you search reviews for the colon cleansers you are going for on Google before deciding. If you see any free trial or $1 special offer, the seller are very likely to promote you their suto-billing program.

Price is one of the main factors most people use to choose their colon cleansers. However, choosing the colon cleansers that fits your need is more important. If you use the 3 factors above, I’m sure you can find a good colon cleanser for yourself.

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