Coffee Enemas

Written by Patricia Skinner
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The great alternative health pioneer, Max Gerson, was one of the first to use coffee enemas as a basis for his very effective natural cancer treatment. Clinics using treatments that are based on the Gerson therapy still use a regimen of an intensive course of coffee enemas today, over half-a-century later, because they are simply a wonderful adjunct to helping the body detoxify. While most natural health experts would tell you that coffee taken as a drink is not a good idea, especially in excess, taken as an enema, the story is entirely different.

Benefits of Coffee Enemas

So why are coffee enemas so beneficial to the detoxification process? Probably the most important way that a coffee enema can help a sick person is by stimulating the bile ducts to flush themselves out. They thus draw out a whole range of environmental poisons that are then carried away through the colon, just as they were intended.

In addition, coffee enemas will further stimulate the liver to cleanse itself. Coffee taken in this way will even step up production of certain liver enzymes that are essential to the detoxification process, too. This enhancement is a great help for the body and will speed up the process of complete detoxification, especially when used regularly for a period of time.

Never use instant coffee for a coffee enema. It contains chemicals and is entirely unsuitable for the job. It is important to use quality ground coffee, and to boil it for a period of time. Robusta beans are often used, because while they don't taste that good, they certainly have a lot of caffeine, which is the active ingredient here. If you don't have time, or don't want the responsibility for making coffee for your coffee enemas, then you can buy the coffee solution ready to use.

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