Colon Health

Written by Patricia Skinner
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For most of us, our everyday diets are nothing less than disastrous to overall colon health. Modern convenience diets are the main reason for lack of health generally, and the damage they can do to our colon is chiefly responsible for this. To function perfectly, the colon needs plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit. Fiber is absolutely essential.

Regaining Colon Health

In fact, no matter what else you do, if your intake of fresh, natural foods containing high levels of fiber is adequate, you'll still probably be able to maintain colon health. The problem is that once the condition of your colon begins to deteriorate, decisive action needs to be taken to halt the trend. Once the colon becomes toxic it ceases to be able to take care of itself, as is natural.

What is a toxic colon? Every time a human being eats, a certain proportion of that food will be waste matter. Ideally, the waste should be eliminated two to three times daily, or as many times as you eat. If you are having less than one bowel movement daily, chances are you have some degree of toxicity in your colon. With time, this waste matter builds up on the walls of your colon and forms a thick, rubbery layer that further contributes to the build-up of waste. In addition, it prevents the body from absorbing nutrients from food, so the situation becomes a downward spiral.

To regain colon health, the colon needs to be relieved of any toxic accumulations. It is essential, and should be the foundation of any plan to achieve optimum health. The best way to begin the process is to include large amounts of vegetables and fruit in the diet on a daily basis, and cut out processed foods altogether. Many people also need a course of colon cleanses to get the process rolling along. After that, an occasional colon cleanse will ensure that toxic build-ups don't reoccur, and that you maintain excellent colon health.

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